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Release Management Migration to Bladelogic


A large Swiss bank with over 45.000 employees.


The solution is originally based on Tivoli. In 2009 a decision was made to phase put Tivoli and extend the solution to support also Marimba as a second Deployment channel. In 2012 the decision was made to eliminate the support for Tivoli and extend the solution to support also Bladelogic for servers as a third Deployment channel. This enables a smooth migration.

This solution was created in 2001/2002, is still used by approx. 1500 users in operations and onshore/offshore development, supports three different deployment products and two different operation systems, has approx. 8000 target systems and deploys up to 150.000 packages a month.

  • Extension of the solution to support also Bladelogic
  • Rollout of Bladelogic as the new deployment channel
  • Support the pilot migration of some target servers from Marimba to Bladelogic to servers

OSS-Services (Fix price project): 

  • Integration Tests, Acceptance Tests and Production installation of Software Deployment for Server release including Shakedown tests
  • Closed one month pilot rollout and migration phase, where the agent rollout and migration is tested within the production environment with specific customers and all platforms
  • Pilot Rollout and Migration
  • Documentation to enable 3rd level support during the rollout and further maintenance without engineering.