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Release Management Windows Server


A large Swiss bank with over 45.000 employees.


This project was a Release-Management-Solution for about  30.000 Windows-Clients to enhance the installation quality, reduce the installation costs and enhance the speed for the installation of a so called workplace. This covered:

  • the automated bare-mtal-installation of the clients
  • installation and update was integrated into an overall release management process
  • periodic inventory scan of all systems and integration of the data into a configuration database 
  • all software and applications were brought live through a new developed chnage management process which included also the integration and acceptance testing cycles


  • Re-Design und documentation of the Change-Management and Release-Management-Processes
  • Overall requirements management from all stake holders in engineering, application development, production, auditing und Security
  • Design of the overall solution based on BMC Marimba
  • Project Management for several releases  (including budget control)
  • Implementation of several interfaces and extension