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Client Platforms

  • Like Data center platforms Client platforms are used deliver high quality and very flexible services with minimized infrastructure costs 
  • Client platforms also enable easier Client automation
  • Client platforms not only cover a technical aspect but also standardized processes and a supporting organization
  • The Critical Success Factor of Client platforms are the balance between a very high degree of standardization (often called workplaces) and the necessary flexible support of individual software for different user needs


  • we offer the full set of support for data canter/cloud platforms: the strategy, the setup ans sizing of the organization, the definition and alignment of the processes, the tool selection, the design, implementation and integration as well as the transition, the rollout and (on special request) the operations
  • in co-operation with one of our partners who is a leader in the area, we offer also special security implementation (for example Data Loss Prevention)
  • a major topic for cost efficiency and quality is automation which is our key competence where we also have special competencies in specific tools (like BMC Bladelogic for Clients, Marimba)